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Beat Research label
Dub-hall, breakment, and Boston-bounce tracks from the Beat Research camp.


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BR1: DJ Flack - House of Cards EP - 12" vinyl
this side: 1. Prague Rock: MP3 stream
2. Silk Parachutes (remix of Cul de Sac's Bamboo Rockets): MP3 stream
that side:

1. Klez Dub: MP3 stream

2. Honeymoon Breeze: MP3 stream

The House of Cards EP contains some of DJ Flacks most fruitful experiments from the past couple of years. Prague Rock is a hypnotic swell of instrumental hip hop that conjures up absinthe sips in a smokey nightclub; Silk Parachutes is Flack’s take on the electric sitar-heavy tune Bamboo Rockets by the legendary post/indy/psych-rock band Cul de Sac; Klez Dub finds Flack pushing klezmer sounds deep into dub-step territory; and last, but not least, Honeymoon Breeze lulls us out of the EP into a sultry tropical dream.

"My Vote? 200 million thumbs up, dude."
- Sonic Heart Magazine

Honeymoon Breeze has been getting lots of airplay, with spins from the likes of Ninjatune's DJ DK on their Solid Steel radio show in London, and Rob Da Bank on the BBC Radio 1.

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Tracks: 1. DJ C - Boston You're My Bounce: MP3 Stream
2. Wayne And Wax - Boston Jerk: MP3 Stream

3. Hrvatski - Vatstep DSP

4. Local Fields - Anagrams
5. DJ Flack - B-Town Swing
6. Wayne And Wax - Bigger Than Biggie: MP3 Stream
7. DuoTone - Boston Swing: MP3 Stream
8. Hrvatski - EWC 4
9. DuoTone - Dread Bounce
10. DJ Flack - Prague Rock: MP3 stream
11. Local Fields - Five Year Plan
12. Sosolimited - Amfetatoxins
13. DJ Flack - Honeymoon Breeze: MP3 stream

14. DJ C - Mashit Mix (John Peel Label of the Month Mix): Real Stream

This mashed up mix of bombastic sounds by Boston area beat strategists documents the (((RE:SOUND))) renegade sound system party which took place in Somerville, MA in October of '04. Documentation of the event is online at

This CD was pressed as a limited run of 300 copies but there are still a few left. You can order one for $10 here:

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