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DJ Rashad Live at Beat Reseach for the 2012 Together festival
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DJ Flack - Dub Sickness mix for Spannered Radio
==> MP3

WARNING: "Mutating Bass Beats Are Infecting The Planet !!!!!!"

Wayne&Wax - Boston Smashacre
==> MP3

Wayne's outdone himself again with this sequel to his classic Boston Mashacre mega-mix. Wayne puts it best himself:

“Smash” is not just an attempt to be clever(er), it’s an expression of my desire to explode the very notion of the Boston soundscape I was trying to explore a little over a year ago. Whereas the “Mashacre” offered a meditation on the city’s musical and social life by bringing together some of Boston’s best known acts, regardless how incongruous the juxtaposition, the “Smashacre” presents a series of sonic snapshots intended to unseat stereotypes about the musical and cultural lines drawn around this enduringly provincial yet deeply cosmopolitan town.
Check Wayne's site for much more info, and/or to sign up for his podcast.

DJ RNDM and Robot Kid - Halloween Mashacre Video Reel
==> Quicktime

The boyz edited together this extremely condensed version of their completely off the chain Halloween Mashacre audio/visual mega-mix at Beat Research, Oct 30, 2006.

DJ C mix for Blentwell
==> Blentcast4Pt.1
==> Blentcast4Pt.2

DJ C's Blentcast mix — the fourth in Blentwell’s podcast series — enjoyed nearly 13,000 downloads in its first 2 weeks online. Now the mix is available at his site, in a slightly modified form, as part of the "B" series DJ mixes. Because he had some trouble narrowing down his selection for the mix, it clocks in at nearly 120 mins, so it's been broken it up into two parts. In true genre-blend style the mix is all over the map, filled with freaky dancehall, re-rubbed hip-hop, toxic mashups and much, much more. He also managed to sneak in a bunch of new and unreleased nuggets from various friends around the globe.

Videos and photos from past Beat Research Parties

of Filastine performing at Beat Research's
5 year anniversary show on March 23rd, 2009


October, 9, '06
Edu K and Daniel Haaksman
Photos by David Day

Oct, 11, '05
Vex'd, Plasticman, and DJ C
Photos by Christopher Kontoes and DJ C


Haloween, '05
Al-Haca Soundsystem feat. RQM, DJ RNDM, Bootleg Billly, and DJ YMCA
Photos by DJ C and Al-Haca

zebbler rocks Bouncement
w. Ghislain Poirier, DJ C, DJ Flack
Zebbler & Sean Stevens - Friday, March 30, 2007.

Aaron Spectre Live/DJ Set @ Beat Research May 22, 2006
MP3: Download : Tracklist

Aaron Spectre continues to travel the world killing sound wherever he goes. This recent set at Beat Research is no exception. He moves from shades of deep-dubstep to raging jungle while using his laptop and various controllers to re-mix/mangle on the fly. Check it <==

DJ Flack - Music for the SIM Graduate
MP3: Download : Tracklist

On the last day of class for the S.I.M. (Studio For Interrelated Media) department at MassArt, it is customary for each faculty member to present the graduating seniors with a departing gift. DJ Flack gave out Audio CDs of this 18 minute DJ mix. Tracklisting and other info here <==

Refusenik - Red Elefant Mix
MP3: Download : Tracklist

Refusenik comes correct with the classic crunkified-genre-blend goodness!

Kid Kameleon at Beat Research - Jan 03, 2006 (DJ Mix)
MP3: Download : Tracklist and more info

Kid K was back in the Beat Research labs just after our Riddim Method new years eve party. He posted his set on his blog. Here's a shortcut for ya.

DJ C : Bouncement, 55 Min. DJ Mix
MP3: Download : Stream : Tracklist

DJ C's back with yet another mix in the "B" series. This time he's comin' with the "Bouncement" — where ragga-2-step, super-fast-bashment, and b-bounce combine to form a potent brew of pure dance-floor mayhem. Featuring the likes of Lady Sovereign, M.I.A., Shystie, Ms. Dynamite, Warrior Queen, Sticky, South Rakkas Crew, exclusives by DJ C and many more. Don't just take our word for it. Check the track-list and download now.

DJ Flack : Blue Beats For Longing, 48 Min. DJ Mix
MP3: Download : Stream : Tracklist

One can usually find Flack piling up lots of different genres when he does a mix, but for this one he wanted to get more specific, blending some of his favorite emotional, rainy-day, head-nod, instrumental-hip-hop that plucks heartstrings and gets under the skin. Some are old, some are new, but all are blue. Have a listen with your lover, or when your lover is far away, or when you are just longing for some love.

Been Wrekt : Steps Outside, 54 Min. as heard at beat research, Sep 12, 2005.
MP3: Download : Stream : Tracklist

Curled up in the mess he calls a studio, Been Wrekt drinks cans of malt liquor and misses the nineties. He doesn't long for raves he missed, where he would have been sure to consume vast quantities of ecstacy, mince around with glowsticks, and sing the praises of the P.L.U.R. He just misses the music. In fact, he misses it so much that he sometimes has his friends the Izragga and Localfields over to revel in the banging techno; the old school jungle; the math rock. Just listen to this mix. You'll see what we mean.

DJ C : Boston, 38 Min. Boston-Bounce Mega-Mix
MP3: Download : Stream : Tracklist

DJ C brings it on home. He and a crew of fellow beat scientists have been locked away in the labs, developing fresh riddim formulas, and here, for the first time, is a mix that brings together some of their recent developments. This mix is chock full o' unreleased tracks from DJ Flack, Wayne&Wax, DuoTone, Local Fields, and DJ C himself. There's even a special celebrity appearance from our favorite Sri Lankan / UK vocalists.

Wayne&Wax: Boston Mashacre, 17 Min. Boston Mega-Mix
MP3: download : stream : Tracklist + More Mashacre Info

Wayne&Wax strikes hard with his "mashacre" of so many classic Boton hits you won't know what hit you. Prepare for the barrage and download this mix now.

Kid Kameleon : Mashers Without Borders, 80 Min. DJ Mix
MP3: download : stream : Track Listing

Kid Kamelon rips an other big hole in the fabric of music as we know it with this stellar mix. The Kid made this mix custom for the Mashit website, and it can be downloaded there, but it's so in line with the Beat Research philosophy that we decided to offer it up on this site too. Snag this one ASAP!

DJ Flack : Choose Peace mix:
Part 1: MP3 Download / Stream
Part 2: MP3 Download / Stream

Photos of Beat Research on 11/23/04 by Chrisopher Kontoes.

Local Fields live at Beat Research, August 9 2004: MP3
See for the set list.

DJ Flack : Ever Was mix: MP3
Kid Kameleon's DJ set from the opening night of Beat Research, 3/22/04: MP3
Here's the Set list.
20 min excerpt of DJ C's set from the opening night of Beat Research: MP3
Play with DJ Flack's interactive, online beat machines here